Artist, Photographer Richard T. Stephens

Photographer--Portraiture, Portfolio, Scenic, Photojournalism.

Artist--Portrait, Landscape, Almost any subject/medium.

I live in the Nevada desert near Death Valley. I feel that the desert has taught me a particular aesthetic--to find the simple, hidden beauty in things, the beauty most people overlook. There is great joy in using my vision to help others discover the beauty in the world around them or in themselves (through portraiture). I enjoy a creative challenge and am available for commission if the project interests me, and some of the images on my site are available for purchase.

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More of my work:

My "Famous Artists" Series:
Two drawings and a model photo.:
A watercolor portrait and more photos.:
Old-fashioned portrait photography:
Some experimental photography: (Can you guess the subject?)
Photodrawings: (photos that look like scratchboard drawings)
Two mysteries and more lightning: (The "mystery" looks very abstract.)
Two very unusual portraits and a light painting: (One portrait looks like a ghost.)
Some infrared photographs:
Model portfolio photography:
Black and white photography:
Dramatic photos of hawks:
Portrait drawings:
Stormy Sky Paintings: One of my favorite motifs.
Ghost Town Lightning: The photos my wife was scared for me to take.
More pencil drawings: two portraits and a bush